Ni Hao, China!

After a 14 hour marathon of a flight on China’s internationally dominant airline, Air China, I arrived in Beijing with an initial introduction of the culture and the people, both of which I had a pretty ignorant understanding. The differences between Chinese and Western culture became apparent before even exiting South African airspace. For unknown... Continue Reading →


Flatulence is Combustible

I was recently watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, whereby Sheldon Cooper and his entourage were briefly discussing their childhoods, with specific reference to the presence/absenteeism of their fathers, and how this impacted their career choices. Although done in the cliché and corny manner that we have come to expect from the show... Continue Reading →

Stop. Compose. Resume.

Having a relaxed coffee with my junior EMT-B partner, who was also an old school friend. Talking about nothing of substantial importance; simply trying to pass time on a long 12 hour shift. My partner, Mike and I, were paramedics for a private ambulance service in Johannesburg, South Africa. The shift had been very quiet... Continue Reading →

Imagination, Dreams, and Aspirations

Upon initially seeing the word of the day, many writing possibilities sprang to mind. I elected to go with the option of associating "imagination" with dreams and aspirations. More often than not, when asked what our dreams and ambitions are, we all answer with the same cliche response - where we see our careers progressing.... Continue Reading →

Teaching English In Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Living and working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Before You Go Right, so let’s first have a look at the formalities as to what’s needed before you set off on your teaching adventure in the up-and-coming capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Unlike many Asian and South-East Asian countries, the basic requirements for teaching in Cambodia... Continue Reading →

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